40 Years of Whitney Houston:
The tragical story of the Queen of Pop

The documentary event „40 Years of Whitney Houston – the tragical story of the Queen of Pop

she wrote music history with hits like “I Will Always Love You” and “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”: Whitney Houston. The woman with the Golden voice. Many Experts think that she is the greatest Pop Singer of the 20th Century. Indeed, the US-American sold throughout her whole career more than 200 million sound carrier worldwide. Countless records round up her biography: “Whitney Houston” is still now the most successful debut album of all times, “Bodyguard” is still today the most successful soundtrack album and “The Preacher’s Wife” the most successful gospel album of all times. Her Song “I Will Always Love You“ is the top-selling Single of a female artist in the history of Pop music. Nobody has ever had more number-one-hits in the us-charts before and no other pop artist has ever received more awards and prizes worldwide. At the same time has rarely anyone fallen so deep like Whitney Houston. A fall which ended with a way too early death at the age of 48.

This stress field of a great artist and a tragical private life is lighted by the documentary event “40 Years of Whitney Houston – the tragical history of the queen of Pop”. The reason for this documentary is the release of her Single “Life Is A Party” in 1978, the first sound carrier with Whitney Houston as a lead singer. This four-hour long documentary describes the musical career of this successful singer and shows to some extent some shooting scenes of her concerts and private life, reveals details about her best but also her worst TV-performances as well as more than 43 music videos which has never been broadcasted before.

In mostly exclusive interviews, family members, friends, companions, experts and famous artists report about the successful but also tragical history of this singer. The interviewed family members are: her mother Cissy Houston, her brother Gary Houston, her step-sister and administrator Pat Houston as well as her cousin Dionne Warwick, herself a pop legend. Pat Houston says about her step-sister: “There’s nobody in the family or circle of friends who didn’t know that she was addicted. As much as I hate to say this: She was addicted”.

An interview with her stylist Ellin Layar, who is at the same time her best friend, delivers us exciting background information. Quote from the movie “Bodyguard“: „The two of them had a scene with a big kiss. She said: „Kevin tried to squeeze his tongue in my throat. Eww!”. Whitney’s personal assistant, Mary Jones, who was the last one to see her alive, speaks for the first time in German TV about her last minutes with her: “I pulled her across the tub and I tried but I knew she was gone because her lips were already purple”. Producer David Foster, who produced “I Will Always Love You” with her quoted: “Kevin Costner said to me: “When she will sing the first strophe, then without music please” and I said: “That’s the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard. One minute only with vocals, we’ll never make it in the radio like that”. Filmmaker Rudi Dolezal, who accompanied her behind the scenes on her Europe tour in 1999 said: “It was practically impossible not to notice, that Bobby Brown slept with every woman on the tour who wanted to”. As well as vocal coach Gary Catona who helped her with her comeback quoted: “Her voice was in very bad condition and she was desperately trying to get it back”.

Popstars like Chaka Khan, Kelly Price and Celine Dion (“I always wanted to dress like her, I always wanted the same white bathing suit, to look like her. I wanted her songs, a career like hers”) complete the whole picture about the pop icon on a colleague perspective and music experts like Alex Gernandt, Steve Blame and Thomas Stein tell about their personal experiences with her and align them in the history of pop music. Out of all this emerges a four-hour long documentary, which not only retrace the sensational story of Whitney Houston, but also describes the artist and the human Whitney Houston in a very personal way like never before.

This four-hour long documentary was produced by the company Maxi Media TV-Production from Cologne, Germany