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Three Sopranos, two albums and one idea: the mixture of Pop and classical music – the creation of something new and very unique.

“Appassionante”, is the name of the Italian Cross Over Group comprising Stefania Francabandiera, Mara Tanchis and Giorgia Villa. The name of the group is the best description for the three young ladies from Rome as well as for their music itself – it means inspiring and passionate.

Foto: Rudy Faccin

When Appassionante met in Rome, each of them could already rely on a classical education in singing and various experiences in the music industry. Stefania Francabandiera, born in Barletta, shared the stage with some great Italian artists such as Zucchero and Eros Ramazotti. Sardinian Mara Tanchis even sang for the Pope in the Vatican. Giorgia Villa studied classical and modern music in her hometown Frosinone and in the British capital London, where she lived for four years.
Each of them shapes the style and music of Appassionante through their personality with passion, humor and elegance. Their diverse soprano voices fit perfectly together and create an exceptional sound pattern.

With their self-titled debut album “Appassionante” they showed that simple variations can create something completely new; something one would, at the first glance, not expect to fit together. However the intensity of their sound shows that even rock classics such as “Right here Waiting” can harmonize perfectly with a huge orchestra.


Foto: Rudy Faccin

In 2008 “Salve” the second album of Appassionante was released. It includes reinterpreted Pop classics mixed and arranged in Appassionante’s own style. Songs such as “The Show Must Go On” demonstrates a symphonic energy and on “Sweet Dreams” classical singing meets dance rhythms and flamenco guitars. Besides the pop classics, “Salve” – as never before – expressed the Italian roots of Stefania, Mara and Giorgia. “Maledetta Primavera” and “Il Mondo” are a modern, emotional and energetic sound experience and carry the listener’s thoughts away, inevitably. “Salve Domine”, the track which gave the album its title, is the most experimental song considering sound and arrangement. It links the old and the modern with an old Gregorian choir and the aggressive pop arrangements plus the sound of an amazing orchestra. The variety of “Salve” continuous through the new songs “Tu”, “Apassionante” or “Help” – songs that were exclusively written for Appassionante. Salve was produced and recorded in Rome accompanied by The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of Prague.