Artists who swayed the world –
Rick Astley

Artists who swayed the world – Rick Astley

12.11.2018 – 10:15 PM – VOX

Rick Astley’s story is similar to a modern music fairy tale. A lonely boy from a broken family in a small town whose only way out of this dilemma was his pronounced singing talent. “Music literally saved my life,” Rick recalls. “When I was young, my parents separated. A son died before I was born, and somehow a dark cloud was always hanging over our house. I grew up with parents who did not love each other. My dad left us. I was looking for something that could fill that gap and fortunately found music. I don’t know what would I’ve become without the music. ”

Rick is raised by his older siblings, who bring him into contact with a mix of prog rock, classic rock, indie rock and northern soul. He sings in a choir and plays drums in a cover band. A small man with a great voice, who is finally discovered at the age of 19 by the legendary hit producer team Stock Aitken And Waterman. But before he gets the opportunity to finally record his own song, he must first work for a whole year in the studio as a tea boy and train his musical skills.

With his debut single “Never Gonna Give You Up”, he literally shook the whole world. He conquered 1st place in the charts in 25 countries! From Australia to the USA and England to Germany. But Rick Astley is not a one-hit wonder at the time. In the next 5 years, he delivered 13 hits and sold over 40 million records!

At the age of twenty, Rick Astley managed what almost every young man dreams of. His name was known all over the world, the money was pouring in and the women were at his feet. But then, a few years later, he did something that makes him so special: he gave it all up – voluntarily!

The reason for this is highly emotional: the birth of his daughter in 1992 and the fact for him that paternity and the life of a pop star are difficult to reconcile. “I missed the moment when she learned to walk and because of what I had experienced as a child, as a father, I did not want to be just as absent as mine had been.”

In an exclusive interview, Rick Astley tells us the roller coaster ride of his life. We cruised in London with him and visited places in the city which were or are very important to him.

An Internet phenomenon in 2007 marks a comeback: Rickrolling. Through an Internet prank, “Never Gonna Give You Up” exploded in a viral supernova, which brings the Megahit more than 440 million views today. Back on stage with his old hits, the renewed public interest in him awakens the desire to try something new. In June 2016 his  album “50” will be released. A record that is written, played and produced in complete solitude by the now grown Rick. To his great surprise, the album shoots without much detours directly to # 1 on the UK charts. “My name on the charts above that of Adele, Coldplay and Sam Smith was pretty weird.”