Les Humphries Singers Reunion

Les Humphries Singers Reunion – COMEBACK OF THE YEAR!!!

Juergen Hohmann, president of the Music- and TV- Production Company Maxi Media really did it: The revival of the german once most successfull choir the “Les Humphries Singers”. And on board is superstar Juergen Drews.

After more than 30 years abstinence the “Les Humphries Singers Reuinion” start their comeback in a new formation, with a new album and deverse TV-Shows. The four old members from 1969 Juergen Drews, Peggy Evers-Hartig, Tina Kemp and Judy Archer are addicted by four new singers: David A. Tobin, Chris Dakota, Jay Jay van Hagen and also producer Willy Meyer.

The new album “Back In Time” (publication by the mayorlabel Universal: May 8th 2009) could not call better. On the album are next the superhits like “Mama Loo”, “Mexico” and “Kansas City” deathless songs like “Carlifornia Dreaming”, “Thats the was I like it”, “We are familiy” and the optimistic hymne “You can get it if you really want”. Rounded down is the album with “River Deep-mountain high”, “San Fransico”, “Spirit in the sky” and more evergreens. Furthermore the hearer can look forward to a hiddentrack.