Pop Giganten:
90’s Pop

Pop Giganten – 90’s Pop

Everybody loves the Music of the 90’s. Why? Because it was a very diverse and exceptional decade on the musical perspective. Musical styles, which only existed in the background were now enriching the mainstream in pop music. Without any hints a Hip-Hop song like “Ice Ice Baby” from Vanilla Ice sold 8 million records worldwide or a gloomy rock song like “Smells Like Teen Spirit” from Nirvana establishes a new musical style but also sold more than 1 million records only in the United States. The English brought up their talent with irritating Britpop guitar sound, as well as bands like Oasis, Blur and Pulp influenced the international music scene. The European continent delivers the clean and computer-based counterpart with events like Eurodance and Acts like Culture Beat, La Bouche and Snap!. Even Techno makes it to the top the German charts thanks to U96 from Alex Christensen as well as Reggae goes through a massive revival with songs like “Sweat” from Inner Circles or “Mr. Bombastic” from Shaggy.

The song „Mr Bombastic“ is special because it was actually produced for a commercial for the company Levis and that’s how it became a hit. Songs, which are being discovered through commercials, are a typical phenomenon of the 90’s. And “Mr. Bombastic” is just one of them.

This documentary of 90 minutes „Pop Giants – 90’s Pop” celebrates the greatest hits of the last decade of the 20th century. Classical pop delivers primarily the greatest Boy and Girl groups like Take That (Back for Good), Backstreet Boys (Everybody) or Spice Girls (Wanna Be). On top of all that, the spectrum of the chosen songs for our program goes from rocky songs like “Two Princes” from Spin Doctors and “Hedonism” from Skunk Anansies over Hip-Hop hits like “Die da?” from the Fanta 4 and “Du liebst mich nicht” from Sabrina Setlur to soulful ballads like “Angels” from Robby Williams.

This show offers a look beyond one’s own nose on the music of this decade and reminds of all the possible and impossible social trends of the 90’s like Tamagotchi, Mobile telephones, CD-writers or the internet.

„Pop Giants – 90’s Pop“ connects the history of a song or an artist with the general developments in this decade and searches for the essence of the 90’s Pop. Was it the last decade with it’s own sound? Why do so many 90’s Parties exist? Is 90’s Pop the ideal typ of party music?

This documentary will narrate the 90’s, it’s music and the stories behind it through the quotes of eloquent celebrities like the musician Angelo Kelly from the Kelly Family, Luci van Org (Lucilectric), Sabrina Setlur, Bastian Ragas, jay Khan and Senna Gammour, TV-Star Chris Töpperwien, the BTN-protagonist Eule, the producer Alex Christensen as well as Music expert Nilz Bokelberg.