Since the Canadian rockband OUTMATCH released their debut single Broken (November 2007), they have gained the reputation of being an insider tip. The magazine Musikwoche wrote about MAXI MEDIA’s latest discovery in their issue of 28 November 2007: “The group Outmatch from Canada is still virtually a blank canvas. That may change considerably with the debut single “Broken” and the album “Weightless” being released in mid-February. After all, the quartet has an unmistakable instinct for irresistible melodies.”

That unmistakable sense is based on a combination of hand-made rock music and authentic lyrics, a mix of content and music. According to Martin Acosta (Vocals/Songwriter), Mike Kovas (Bass), Kyle Lazenka (Drums / Vocals) und Jay Famosa (Guitar / Vocals) from OUTMATCH the key to good music is: when every instrument tells the story of the song in its own language. “Music is pure emotions and always a part of a story- the songwriter’s, the band’s and the listener’s.”, says Acosta. “Everyone knows that feeling: You hear a song, lyrics, a melody and it reminds you of a certain situation in your life. You can’t do anything about it. You get lost in the music. That’s exactly what we want to achieve with our music and the reason why we called the album WEIGHTLESS.

WEIGHTLESS, released on 15 February 2008, captivates with its good mix of midtempo Rock (Borken / Ordinary) and uptempo songs (Chasing The Sunrise), as well as classical ballads (Save Myself). Each of the 14 songs on the debut album is about love. “In my opinion it’s the strongest emotion, the topic that keeps the world on tenterhooks and connects all of us”, explains Acosta. It’s the sad, the dark moments that fascinate the songwriter. “When I’m happy I spend my time doing other things”, he says laughing “but really, it’s mainly the sad moments, that connect us”. Actually it is a bit of a miracle that OUTMATCH even exists, because Martin’s plans were originally different. The singer who was born in Argentina wanted to become a professional football player. A knee injury ended that career; Acosta was 15 years old at that time. “Until then I have never engaged myself in music”, he remembers. “But I fell into a deep hole back then, retreated into my shell and listened to music a lot. In fact, I didn’t do anything else. One day I thought: I can really identify myself with this. So many songs dealt with how I felt and others gave me strength. I was absolutely overwhelmed with the power of music so I thought: Wow, that’s what I want to do, too!” Martin learned how to play the drums and guitar, started writing songs and got together with his childhood friend Mike. They were exploring Toronto’s live music scene, when they met Jay and Kyle who were touring with their own band as well. Things could have gone very wrong back then, because the two bands didn’t like each other at all. Martin: “We were competitors and were watching each other suspiciously. This really showed one evening, when we all played in a club. Jay and Kyle had a whole bus of fans with them and performed first. Afterwards they took off with their fans so Mike and I had to play in a virtually empty club.” It was pure coincidence the guys got their act together. Somewhere in Canada they started talking backstage. “Surprisingly, we clicked right away. It was just a natural step to join hands. Neither one of us had to think twice. It was just obvious”, Martin remembers. That was five years ago!

OUTMATCH, the name of the band, symbolize the way the four musicians go about their work, the perfectionism they put into it. Martin: “We know exactly how we want to sound and have high demands of ourselves. We’re not satisfied easily and keep trying to excel ourselves. Thanks to the Canadian producer Justin Gray (Joss Stone, Emma Bunton) OUTMATCH met the German team of producers, the Bermann Brothers (Don Henley, Michael Jackson, Avion). That path led them to Maxi Media, where OUTMATCH was signed in 2005. After two years Martin, Jay, Mike and Kyle worked on their first album WEIGHTLESS. Subsequent to their first promotion tour through Germany, OUTMATCH went back into the studio in early November 2007, “to make the album tighter”- as Martin puts it. The guys added three songs to the album: Let It Out, Save Myself and It’s OK.

Being fully satisfied, OUTMATCH could not wait to present WEIGHTLESS. In February 2008 the time had finally come: The debut album WEIGHTLESS was being released and OUTMATCH started their first club tour through Germany including cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Magdeburg, Leipzig, Cologne and Frankfurt.