Pop Giganten Schlager

Pop Giganten Schlager – 26th of March 2019- 22:15h RTL2

Schlager is still very much alive! Even young people these days party to the music with german lyrics and catchy tunes. The experts Maite Kelly, Kristina Bach, Jürgen Drews and many more present the greatest Schlagersongs from the last decades.

With „Pop Giganten Schlager“ we are going on a journey through time, through all Highs and Lows of  Schlager.We are trying to find the reasons why Schlager is so popular again. Huge Schlagerparties are organized throughout the country.The popularity is enormous and the audience is getting younger and younger.

Helene Fischer is filling up whole stadiums with her shows. She went from Schlagerstarlet to Germanys hottest Show-Act breathtakingly fast.

Schlager became cult again in the nineties, after having had a low in the late eighties.

Guildo Horn explains how he went to compete in the Grand Prix complete with „Nussecken“ and became a small sensation. Helene Fischer and Florian Silbereisen even were the dream couple of the Schlagerworld, until they got separated in December 2018. Their influence on the music however still persists.

The 90 minutes dokumentation „Pop Giganten: Schlager“ shows many Stars such as Maite Kelly, Kristina Bach, Jürgen Drews, Jürgen Milski, Eloy de Jong, Jonathan Zelter, Ross Antony, Guildo Horn and Marie Wegener, who talk about how they are experiencing this High and who the actual people are behind these hits. What once was an outmoded wish for a better world, is now again capturing perfectly the spirit of our times.