Pop Giganten: Wolfgang Petry –
The Years With You


Pop Giganten – Wolfgang Petry

22.11.2018 – 10:15 PM – RTL2

What do you give to somebody as a gift on his 65th birthday, when this somebody doesn’t need that much to be happy? When he doesn’t really care about material things and doesn’t have an expensive hobby? Not an easy question and nevertheless was it pretty clear that there’s only one thing which can make a man like Wolfgang Petry happy and this is music, because music is his whole life.

As a special birthday present, Wolfgang Petry’s friends and longtime show colleagues have decided to produce a diversified album with the title “The Years with You”. On behalf of his birthday and the album, RTL2 shows a documentary about Wolfgang Petry’s success story. The audience can look forward to emotional stories and a lot of music. In his own style, Otto Waalkes presents the song „Wahnsinn” and Guido Horn blare the song “Verlieben, verloren, vergessen, verzeihen” in one special swing version. On top of that, Hape Kerkeling presents a wonderful teaser of the song “Denn eines Tages vielleicht” with a very emotional performance.

His son will give some exclusive interviews about his life. The producers Helmuth Rüssmann and René Lipps, who actually escorted Wolfgang Petry’s success in the 90’s, will show in this documentary how they work in the studio. Furthermore, we will comment of Daniela Katzenberger, Lucas Cordalis, Jürgen Drews, Jürgen Miloski, Silvia Wollny as well as from Natascha Ochsenknecht about her experiences and encounters with Wolfgang Petry and his music.