Pop Giganten:
Elton John

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Pop Giganten – Elton John

28.03.2017 – 10:30 PM – RTL2

Elton John is one of the biggest popstars of all times. Only Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson sold more records as him as solo artists. He sold 300 million records, fifty top 40 hits and seven consecutive Number 1 albums in the USA. He’s been awarded with Prizes from the Grammys and Tonys and even won an Oscar for the movie “Lion King”.

He’s actually one of the most shot colored pop stars ever. His life also delivers a huge drama with extraordinary highs and brutal downs. Elton John is today one of the most famous person in the world. He has experienced more than any other popstars in his 50 years long career in the show business: more triumphs, more defeats, more fun, more songs. Elton John often made his life the subject of his songs. In those sings he tells emotional stories of his life, sometimes funny, sometimes very sad. Sometimes it’s about the song itself, sometimes about Elton John’s life itself by that time or sometimes about contemporary incidents. His songs are legendary and even his hits from the 70’s are still being covered by famous popstars like Ellie Goulding or Aloe Blacc and still are some of them appearing in Hollywood movies or commercials.

Elton John is definitely one of a kind, but he also has a lot more to offer…