Pop Giganten:
German Poets



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 Pop Giganten – German Poets

21.02.2017  – 10:15 PM – RTL2

23.02.2017 – 11:15 PM – RTL2

German Music is now experiencing an uprising like never before. Songs with German lyrics are dominating the charts right now as well as the airplay lists of various radio stations. This documentary of 2 hours concentrates on one genre, which is actually the center of attention and interest: the German singers and songwriters, the “German poets”.

We will tell the stories behind the greatest hits of the past years. Artists like Andreas Bourani with “Auf Uns”, Tim Bendzko with “Nur noch kurz die Welt retten“, Mark Foster with „Au Revoir“, Sportfreunde Stiller with „Applaus, Applaus“ and Clueso with “Neuanfang”.

We will concentrate on the classical German poets and point out how they influenced the new generation. Udo Lindenberg is one of the first German poets and he shows it again when he recorded his classics with  only a cello down pat and Clueso in 2011. This duet had an amazing success. Xavier Naidoo also influenced the new generation of German poets with his song “Dieser Weg”. Er ist the first one to combine songwriting and very sophisticated words with real coolness.

Pop music with German lyrics is one of the greatest trends in the last decades. The new generation of German poets, newcomers like Chima with “Morgen”, Alex Diehl with “Nur ein Lied” and Wincent Weiss with “Musik sein” are one of the many artists who made their name in music industry. The songs of German poets are much more eclectic like never before. But how does it go on? Where will this journey bring us? What’s definitely sure is the fact that people will always listen when they can fell that a song is real, undisguised and true.

We will hear in this documentary interviews of artists like Gregor Meyle, Namika, Wincent Weiss, Jupiter Jones, Alex Diehl and Chima. They will get some support of music experts like Sabine Heinrich, Nilz Bokelberg, Giovanni Zarrella and Thomas Stein…