Pop Giganten:
One Hit Wonder



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Pop Giganten – One Hit Wonder

21.03.2017 – 10:15 PM – RTL2

With a hit like „Mambo No. 5” Lou Bega could land in the charts in 1999 eventough this song was actually stocked in his drawer for two years before it was discovered. And then “Mambo No. 5” became a worldwide hit and still today it sells more than 53 million records and received Prizes from all over the world. With a similar one hit wonder “Lemon Tree” the band Fools Garden also landed in the charts. Due to this success the whole band, including front man Peter Freudenthaler, can still go on Tour in China, eventough he actually needed only 20 minutes to write this song. “Pop Giganten – One Hit Wonder” takes a deeper look on more than 30 years of music history. In the category “classical one hit wonders” we will find hits like “Funky Town” from Lipps.Inc., “Self Control” from Laura Branigan and Raff, “fade to grey” from Visage, “Words” from FR David, “Life is Life FROM Opus or “Whats Up” from the 4 Non Blondes.

This documentary investigates the question why one hit wonder musicians couldn’t attend the top ten in the charts again after they had this outstanding success. How did they get along with their sudden success? Were those one hit wonders maybe more of a curse than a blessing? Beside artists like Lou Bega, Peter Freudenthaler and Buddy (with his summer hit “Ab in den Süden”), we’ll be hearing celebrities like Anja Lukaseder, Nilz Bokelberg, Anastasia Zampounidis, Alex Gernandt, Giovanni Zarrella, Rolf Schneider and Katja Burkard.