Pop Giganten:
Party Hits

Pop Giganten – Party Hits

06.02.2018 – 10:15 PM – RTL2

10.02.2018 – 11:50 AM – RTL2

Party hits are very catchy, they go straight to your heart and flows to your legs. They electrify us and provide a good time. Party hits are responsible for the fact that in a short period of time the dance floor is full and everybody is joyfully singing.

Good party hits are timeless. This holds good for “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, “Rhythm is a Dancer” and “It’s Raining Men”. In current times, artists like Pink, Ke$ha and Taio Cruz showed that the could keep it up with the hits of the 80’s and the 90’s.

Does it means, that every party hit work on behalf of the same pattern? Far from that! There are many differences. Sometimes you just need to take a song from back then, rehash it and load it with some new energy. Records like “Is This The Way to Amarillo“ from the Hermes house band or “Sweet Caroline” from DJ Ötzi wander from Cover versions to become real party hits. The original songs from Tony Christie and Neil Diamond didn’t have this character originally.

An interesting point is that many songs tell about breakups and lovesickness. Songs like “Du hast mich tausendmal belogen“ from Andrea Berg or „I Will Survive“ from Gloria Gaynor talk about problems in relationships, they lend you strength and build you up.

We’ll light up together the stories behind the greatest party hits with our headliners Milka Loff-Fernandez, Sonya Kraus, Jürgen Milski, Anatasia Zampounidis, Fernanda Brandao, Joelina und Jürgen Drews as well as Nilz Bokelberg in this music documentary: Pop Giganten – Party hits.

And of course our celebrities will tell us about their exceptional party experiences and they held themselves various advices for our audiences on how to organize the perfect party.