Pop Giganten:
Summer Hits


Pop Giganten – Summer-Hits

11.07.2017 – 10:15 PM – RTL 2

Summer is around the corner, people are starting to go out, to enjoy life easily and spend holidays. Summer, ocean, beach and music and the speakers play on again the best actual summer hits.

Which song will be the biggest winner this sumer? Will be just one summer hit or will it be more of them? Surely we will hear the summer hits classics again on the radio. Songs like “Macarena from Los del Rio, „In The Summertime“ from Mungo Jerry or “Club Tropicana”  from Wham!

This documentary of 90 minutes „Pop Giganten – Summer Hits” celebrates the greatest summer hits of the past 50 years. There’s at least one song from every decade, for example “Summer In The City” from The Lovin’ Spoonful from the 60’s or “Sunshine Reggae” from the Laid Back from the 80’s, songs like “The Ketchup Song” from the Las Ketchup from the millennials or “Ai Se Eu Te Pego” from Michel Teló…