Pop Giganten:
World Cup Party 2018

Pop Giganten – World Cup Party 2018

The Football World Cup is just around the corner and the whole Germany’s football scene is looking forward to the fifth World Cup Title. The FIFA will shortly publish the official World Cup song. But will the fans accept it? Or will it be just like in 2004, as the German football national team got the fourth World Cup Title which is very longed for and whole Germany was shifted in a state of ecstasy. The whole country was celebrating the team, theimselves and the World Cup in Brasil with one Song: “Auf Uns” from Andreas Bourani . This song became the anthem of the World Cup title and left the official song of Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull, “We Are One”, from the public unnoticed.

The Song „Auf Uns“ is special because it wasn’t produced to be a Football song at all. However, not only the title is responsible for its uprising. Songs like “You’ll Never Walk Alone” from Gerry and The Peacemaker, “We Are The Champions” from Queen, “Go West” from the Pet Shop Boys and “Tage Wie Diese” from the Toten Hosen are still today constantly part of the football scene and weren’t originally produced as football hits. The fans made them football songs.

This documentary of 90 minutes „Pop Giants – World Cup 2018” is celebrating the greatest football hits of all times. Both the official songs, the ones published by the FIFA and the UEFA at big football events and became world hits like “Waka Waka” from Shakira or “Love Generation” from Bob Sinclair, as well as the unofficial songs, the one the fans designated like “54 74 90 2006” from the Sportfreunde Stiller or “Dieser Weg” from Xavier Naidoo, which the national team at the World Cup in 2006 made their football hits.

Former football stars like Thomas Häßler and David Odonkor, who experienced some world cups first-hand as players will talk about their record and about the football hits of their time. Ex-football players like Thomas Legat, who always has something upbeat to say, and players’ wives like Claudia Effenberg and Verena Kerth, who actually experienced the crazy business life of football, will talk about what they know.

the whole documentary will be narrated by the usually witty and funny dialogs from Daniela Katzenberger and Lucas Cordalis. Besides that, actor Peer Kusmagk, female football commentators Katrin Müller-Hohensten and Steffi Brungs, Singer Loona, who had her own world cup song in 2014 with “Brazil”, and Henning Krautmacher from the Höhnern, who produced with “viva Colonia” one of the greatest football and party hits ever.