Stayin‘ Alive
50 Years Of The Bee Gees

Stayin‘ Alive – 50 Years Of The Bee Gees

15.06.2013 – 8.15 PM – VOX

Stayin' Alive - 50 Jahre Bee Gees

Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb – better known as the BEE GEES – have sold over 200 million records worldwide and were announced the most successful family band in the world by The Guinness Book of Records. The album ”Saturday Night Fever” alone, which was released along with the identically titled movie in 1977, sold 15 million copies in the US and earned the band three consecutive Nr.1-Hits and four Grammy Awards. Furthermore, the Bee Gees belong to the most successful and productive songwriters of the 20th century.

VOX will air the documentary-event “’Stayin‘ Alive‘ – 50 Years Bee Gees“ on June 15th 2013, at 8.15 pm. The documentary celebrates the anniversary of the band’s first single “The Battle of the Blue and the Grey” released in 1963. In a very personal Interview Barry Gibb looks back on his family’s and band’s history and reveals private film material. Further insight in the life of the three Gibb brothers shares Barry’s oldest son Stephen Gibb (39) in an exclusive interview. In addition, the documentary-event retraces the life of the Bee Gees through interviews with all three band members, companions, musicians and fans and with clips from numerous TV-appearances, live-concerts and music videos.

(c) Foto: VOX/Randee St Nicholas

(c) Foto: VOX/Randee St Nicholas

The story of the Bee Gees is the story of three brothers that were not able to read sheet music, but discovered they could sing in harmony. In 1958 they formed a band and decided to conquer audiences with their music. “To be publicly known all   over the world, that was our dream “, reveals Barry. In an exclusive interview, the oldest of the Gibb brothers talks about the beginning. He remembers the emigration of his family from cold British Manchester to tropical Redcliff in Australia and presents private film clips from that time.

Exclusively, Barry Gibb describes the beginning of the brother’s musical career trying to balance performances and school and how they eventually dropped out of school to focus on pursuing their music. With pride, Barry thinks back to the release of their first single “The Battle of the Blue and the Grey” 50 years ago. He talks about the bands successes such as number one Hits, the reunion tour, their musical re-orientations and the Bee Gees Mania in the late 70’s. On the other hand, he brings up the low points in his life and career. He speaks openly about how the success brought discord within the band, their temporary split in 1969, drugs and the death of his brothers.

Trafen sich zum exklusiven Interview: Götz Kiso, Barry Gibb, Jürgen Hohmann, Stefan Grebe

Götz Kiso, Barry Gibb, Jürgen Hohmann and Stefan Grebe        Met for an exclusive interview (left to right)

The former keyboarder of the band, Blue Weaver, worked closely with the Bee Gees for several years. He reveals unique background stories about the band’s music and the ups and downs of their career. Bubi Heilemann, photographer of the German teen magazine BRAVO, knew the Band from the beginning of their career in Europe and talks about his friendship with the Bee Gees. Especially for the documentary, Heilemann opens his archive of unpublished Bee Gees photos. Additionally, booking agent  Ossy Hoppe, who arranged 2 successful Bee Gees tours in 1989 and 1991, shares the experiences he made with the band. Also featured in the documentary are Jay Khan, who covered the Bee Gees Hit “Too Much Heaven” with his Boyband US5 and who performed live with Robin Gibb, as well as Ross Anthony and celebrity expert Constanze Rick. Opening up one of the largest private Bee Gees archives in Germany are Detlef and Anja Wange, two fans for whom the Bee Gees will always stay alive.

The documentary sheds light one of the most exciting careers of all time and shows not only the musical evolution of the band, but also the brothers themselves from a yet unseen private perspective.

Source: VOX