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The 90s - Music for eternity


The 90s - Music for eternity (NITRO.)

Recently no decade has such an attraction as the 90s! The variety of music impressions is nearly endless. This music characterizes a whole generation, such as our experts Markus Kavka, Eko Fresh and Oli.P. Also Alex Christensen, Jana Groß and Markus Schultze take a look back in to the 90s. We show them music videos, from formative rock music to the begginnings of german rap. TV presenter Steffi Brungs is lost in childhood memories and remembers great Stars of Brit Pop and the history of Boy- und Girlgroups. In the second part of our music documentary, it's up to experts like Markus Kavka, Eko Fresh and Oli.P. Not only pop music of the 90s, even though american Hip Hop and R’n’B music play an important role in this special decade. All our celebreties share their knowledge about music history and tell us little stories of their own experiences. 

10.04.2023, Teil I 20:15, Teil II 22:10, NITRO.