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Pop Giants - Schlager 2.0


Pop Giants - Schlager 2.0


He is loved but smiled at at the same time. It is colorful and just as durable. He talks about the really big feelings and life. He is an indispensable part of the music industry. The bat.

But what makes today's hit? Which stars are behind the big hits and why is today's hit anything but what it used to be?

We take a closer look at today's hit and find that the hit is fresh, young and full of emotions.

Helene Fischer is no longer the only hit queen to offer trendy beats, sexy outfits and gigantic stage shows. Lots of young Schlager descendants ensure a breath of fresh air on the red (Schlager) carpet. Vanessa Mai is very popular and successful, and Beatrice Egli, Ben Zucker and Kerstin Ott are now indispensable in the hit world.

What no longer matters today is the vain sunshine of the past. Full concert halls, sexy outfits and, depending on the situation, a bit of rock'n'roll are in demand. It's just a new generation. Hit 2.0

The program is commented on by various experts from the fields of music and entertainment, such as pop titan Bernhard Brink, TV presenter Steffi Brungs, pop singer Norman Langen, Oliver Petszokat, Marie Wegener, Janine Kunze and their daughter Lili Budach.

At the end of the broadcast, our prominent original sound providers take stock. How much 2.0 does today's hit world offer?