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About Us

Maxi Media GmbH is a music and TV production company founded by Jürgen Hohmann in 1987.

About the founder Jürgen Hohmann:

“Variety” is probably what best describes the formula for success of TV and music producer Jürgen Hohmann. Not only does he produce various bands but he has also demonstrated an outstanding instinct when it comes to talents. He is considered as one of the co-discoverers of “Anastacia”, has also discovered bands like “4 The Cause” and “The Moffatts” and led them to international success. Furthermore he is one of the first to support the project “Rhythms del Mundo”.

Subsequent to his studies, Jürgen Hohmann went to EMI where he has already worked with national and international artists such as BAP, Howard Carpendale, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple or Queen. In 1987, right after working at EMI, Jürgen Hohmann founded the media consulting and production company MAXI MEDIA.

In the TV sector it started off with “Goldene Europa”, followed by several shows, for instance "Popkomm.Gala", "Stars, die Aids Gala", “Pavarotti & Friends“, "IFA Night", "Hitgiganten" or "Chartbreakhotel“.

Also in the field of music there is a wide ranging repertoire:

Hits by artists like “Paul Anka” and “B3” and compilation CDs for the TV shows of Maxi Media, such as the very successful “Hit Giganten”-series or a “Wetten, dass…?”-compilation, ensure that there is something to suit every taste. 

Excellent international contacts enabled Maxi Media to establish artists all over Europe as well as on the American market. In 2010 Maxi Media published an Afro-American crossover production in the USA with the name “Vai DaCapo”. Accompanying the release, more than 70 American TV stations aired the band’s concerts. 

Another artist in the area of crossover is the Italian/Canadian soprano “Giorgia Fumati” who has signed a worldwide contract with Universal Canada. Giorgia Fumati is a singer mostly known and appreciated in the Asian and American area who, despite her classical education, also performs world-famous Pop and Rock songs. 

Maxi Media’s latest crossover project is “The Italian Tenors”, who's album 'That's Amore' was released on May 25th at a division of Universal Music Germany.