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This is what Germany sounds like - The 50 most popular music acts


In recent decades, many German and German-speaking artists and bands have had a lasting impact on the music landscape. But who exactly are these artists and bands that Germany likes to hear and like? This question is answered by “This is how Germany sounds – The 50 most popular music acts”. For this purpose, the 50 most successful German-speaking music acts of the last 50 years were determined by a representative Forsa survey.

So much can be revealed: it will be a very varied show. Across different musical genres - from German pop to Schlager, rap, NDW to rock, everything is represented and makes the ranking even more exciting. Who ends up number one? Will it be someone who has been musically active since the 70's? Or maybe a band that was founded in this decade? On the way to becoming the absolute number one, a lot of interesting facts about the German musicians will be shown and the viewers will get very close to them. The ranking show is led by four prominent music expert couples who, thanks to their professional background, can tell you the inside scoop and thus be able to tell one or two exciting anecdotes about the music acts: the former MTV presenters Markus Kavka and Anastasia Zampounidis, the former VJ Oliver Pocher and his wife Amira, the former Formula One presenter Ingolf Lück and the singer Isabel Varell as well as the radio presenter Larissa Rieß and Jan Köppen, the former VIVA presenter.