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Schlager - Now more than ever!


Schlager - Now more than ever


For years, pop music only knew one direction: higher, faster, further! Sold out concerts and top chart positions were the order of the day. But Corona also hit the hit scene with full force. The doors of the hit world were closed. Postponed concerts and completely canceled tours meant dramatically collapsing income and real existential worries in the music industry. This year, the hit industry is finally waking up from its deep Corona sleep. Thanks to the lifting of most protective measures, many hit artists will be back on stage in 2022. "Schlager - Now more than ever!" accompanies 10 hit stars on their way back to normality and offers emotional, touching and above all entertaining insights into the resurrected hit world. The documentary provides exclusive impressions of the private and professional environment of the hit world: Maite Kelly chats from the lockdown sewing box - nature boy Andreas Gabalier shows exclusive insights into how he motivates himself in his free time - Ben Zucker cycles from concert to concert during his summer tour - and what does Corona have in common with Jürgen Drews' career end?