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Pop Giants - 30 Years DJ BoBo


Pop Giants - 30 Years DJ BoBo


He wrote music history and he is Swiss. Immediately everyone knows who is meant: DJ BoBo.

The 54-year-old is now celebrating his 30th stage anniversary with his new show "EVOLUT30N".

In a 90-minute pop giant special on December 12th, 2022 at 10:15 p.m. on RTL2, we will celebrate this likeable exceptional artist and let friends and companions have their say: What is the secret of DJ BoBo's success?

From baker's apprentice to superstar. His achievements are numerous. Supporting act for Michael Jackson, more than 15 million records sold, several gold and platinum awards: René Baumann, his real name, is THE musical export hit from Switzerland.

His hit "Chihuahua" celebrated success around the world in 2003 and sold over 1.6 million copies worldwide. His stage shows are superlative events.

Born in Switzerland as an illegitimate child in 1968, the "stand-up man" laid the groundwork for a successful career at an early age. In 1985 he started playing records as a DJ at the youth center in Aarau (Switzerland). The name "DJ BoBo" also comes from this time. With his acrobatic dance style, he won the Swiss championship title in show dance in 1987. First singles in Switzerland follow. After these early steps in his home country, the international breakthrough finally came with the super hit "Somebody Dance With Me". The song shot into the top 10 in many countries and received gold records in Germany, Switzerland, Austria as well as in Israel and Australia and Sweden crowned.

But there are also setbacks. The end of the Euro Dance wave could also have been BoBo's end. Or in 2007, when he took part in the ESC in Helsinki and failed.

Top-class interview guests such as producer and DJ Alex Christensen, musician and songwriter Johannes Oerding or fellow Swiss and successful singer Stefanie Heinzmann give artistic and private insight into the world of DJ BoBo. His wife Nancy also has a say, because she is an indispensable part of Team BoBo and is responsible for the costumes, among other things. Also present is Curtis Burger, who, as a longtime friend, dancer and choreographer, knows exactly what makes René Baumann tick.

We also accompany DJ BoBo to the studio, where he is working on a project with his girlfriend and pop artist Andrea Berg. Because BoBo not only works tirelessly on his own things, but also takes on tasks for other artists with his expertise.