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Pop Giants - German Hip Hop


Pop Giants - Deutscher Hip Hop


The proportion of hip-hop in the German charts is higher than ever. From underground culture to the pop phenomenon - we find out in exclusive interviews and insights how German hip-hop has integrated into society.

Hip hop has managed to grow from a trend to a whole movement. In Germany, too, the genre is accepted as a music style in its own right and has produced many successful artists. Socially critical and political impulses often come from the rap scene - whether Samy Deluxe with his legendary "Weck mich auf", which was often quoted in 2001 in the wake of 9/11, or the legendary song "MfG" by the Fantastischen Vier. But who was actually the first to rhyme to music in German? The 90-minute documentary "Pop Giganten - Deutscher Hip-Hop" gets to the bottom of the origins of this genre of music in our country and shows us newcomers and veterans who have dedicated themselves to rhythmic rap.

Experts and artists such as Eko Fresh, Sabrina Setlur, Nilz Bokelberg, Giovanni Zarrella, Frauke Ludowig, Teesy and Senna Gammour clarify all sorts of questions for us about this unmistakable style of music and the resulting attitude to life. In addition, representatives of the younger followers, such as Chethrin Schulze, Danny Liedtke and David Ortega, have their say, telling us their very personal points of intersection with well-known speaking acrobats such as Sido, Casper, Bausa or Capital Bra.

The development from suspicious observation to the tolerated rap culture gives us an interesting look at the emergence of this genre. So we can see artists like the Fantastischen Vier and Falco as the beginnings of German hip-hop. Whether aggressive, funny or profound, sexy and full of entertainment - hip-hop has arrived in the middle of society.