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Pop Giants - 80s


Pop Giants - 80s


The 80s, what a feeling!

From New Wave to the New Romantics, from the absolute megastars to concentrated women's power!

We travel with the pop giants into the decade of technological breakthrough, the beginnings of the environmental movement, the cassette and violent hairstyles: the 80s!

A decade in which artists who are now considered superstars, such as Madonna, Michael Jackson, Phil Collins or Queen, entered the international stage for the first time.

A decade in the shadow of the power blocs in East and West, in which pop creates new subcultures - from apolitical to rebellious.

The social feeling of the 80s is determined by the Cold War, which in 1983 almost accidentally becomes one. With that sword of Damocles hanging over their heads, people are partying like there's no tomorrow.

Bands like Depeche Mode, New Order, Tears for fears and Talk Talk shape the typical sound with their modern sounds. Musically, the 80s are a giant step into modernity. From now on music sounds different than before!

And there are also the big feelings! In films that skilfully capture this very special decade emotionally: Dirty Dancing, Mad Max or Flashdance conquer the hearts of the audience, also with their music.

The 90-minute documentary "Pop Giants - 80s" illuminates an incredibly colorful decade that is associated with a very special feeling: departure.

The experts and artists Janine Kunze, Nilz Bokelberg, Tahnee, Eva Brenner, Bella Lesnik, Marco Schreyl, Aaron Troschke as well as Danny Liedtke and David Ortega from Cologne 50667 travel back for us to a very future-oriented decade, from neon-colorful to gothic-dark . They don't all have to be kids of the 80s, because that decade is still making waves to this day!