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Pop Giants - Girlgroups


Pop giants - girl groups


In a 90-minute documentary, former members of famous girl groups talk about what it means to be cast with young women who are complete strangers, in order to then work with them to realize their own big dream: to be a pop star.

What it's like to have great shows, lots of travel and an exciting life with enthusiastic fans. But also about what it means for your own life to only be able to step onto the street with a bodyguard and disguise.

About the pain of breaking up a successful band – and about the fact that young women, who were complete strangers at first, became close friends and still are to this day.

The documentary features members of the Spice Girls, No Angels' Sandy Mölling, Tic Tac Toe's Jazzy and Monrose's Senna share their exciting days of casting and stardom. And about the time the band split up and life after. There are honest answers that have never been heard on German television before. And how they can not be read anywhere.