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Pop Giants – German Poets

German-language music has been experiencing a major boom for several years. Real, soulful songs with German lyrics dominate the charts and radio station airplay lists. The two-hour documentary is dedicated to the new generation of German poets.

Pop with German lyrics is one of the really big trends of the last few years. The music documentary "Pop Giganten: Deutsche Poeten" tells the stories behind some of the really big hits of the recent past: "Auf uns" by Andreas Bourani, "Just save the world" by Tim Bendzko, "Au Revoir" by Mark Forster feat. Sido, "Applause, Applause" by Sportfreunde Stiller or "New Beginning" by Clueso. But there are also newcomers like Chima ("Morgen"), Alex Diehl ("Just a Song") and Wincent Weiss ("Musik Sein"), who have long since found their place in the music business.

Already in the early 2000s there was a new wave of soulful German pop songs. Bands like Juli, Silbermond and Wir sind Helden paved the way for a new generation of artists. Among them is Namika, who found success with 2016's Favorite Person. She writes her own lyrics and her own melodies with her own style of presentation. Udo Lindenberg is definitely one of the great German poets. In 2011 he breathed new life into his classic "Cello" in a duet with Clueso and was not only celebrated by his fans. The influence of Xavier Naidoo (“This Way”) on the new generation of German poets should not be underestimated either. He was the first to combine songwriting and sophisticated lyrics with real coolness.

In interviews, artists such as Chima, Jupiter Jones, Gregor Meyle, Namika, Wincent Weiss and Alex Diehl talk about what makes a good German song from their point of view. Well-known music experts such as Sabine Heinrich, Nilz Bokelberg, Giovanni Zarrella and Thomas Stein also have their say. The songs of the German poets are more varied than ever before. What's next? Where is the journey going? One thing is certain: people will always listen when they feel a song is genuine, truthful and undisguised.