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Pop Giants - Cover Hits


Pop Giants - Cover Hits


New versions of old classics often become big hits themselves. In 2016, London DJ Jonas Blue topped the charts in many countries with his new edition of Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car". And this year? Will there be one big cover hit again or several? Which cover hit from Pop Giants do you like best? And do you know who sang the original hits?

The program compares the original and the cover, tells stories about the song and/or the artist and searches for the recipe for a successful cover version.

Musically, is it better to stay close to the original or go as far away as possible? Is it better to use a hit or an unknown song as a template? Should the original song be as old and forgotten as possible, or young and well remembered?

In search of the recipe for success, the program clarifies the questions of what is generally more successful, cover or original, and which is the most successful cover hit of all time.

The cover hits and the stories behind them are commented on by eloquent celebrities such as the married couple Giovanni & Jana Ina Zarrella, the moderators Peer Kusmagk and Milka, the actress Janine Kunze and the music expert Nilz Bokelberg.