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Pop Giants - Cuddle Songs of the 90s


Pop Giants - Cuddle Songs of the 90s


The power ballads to the biggest blockbusters of the 90s are still unforgettable: Celine Dion and Whitney Houston dominated the worldwide charts for weeks with "My Heart Will Go On" and "I Will Always Love You".

In addition to solo artists such as R&B star R. Kelly ("I Believe I Can Fly"), heartthrob Robbie Williams ("Angels") and pop princess Britney Spears ("Sometimes"), boy and girl groups such as the Backstreet Boys also provide Take That and the Spice Girls with emotional ballads for musical goosebump moments in their fans.

Even seasoned rockers discovered their soulful side in the 90s and proved with hits like Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters" or the successful cover "Easy" by Faith No More that there is sometimes a softer core behind the hard rocker façade.

At the same time, German artists also caused a sensation with their cuddly songs: the group Echt around frontman Kim Frank conquered the hearts of German teenage girls with "You carry no love in you". Matthias Reim smashes his way to the top of the charts with "Verdammt ich lieb Dich" and Joy Denalane meets the Freundskreis frontman Max Herre - her future husband - while auditioning for the duet "Mit Dir".

The cuddly songs of the 90s are entertainingly commented on by celebrities who experienced the decade themselves. Presenter and VJ Aleksandra Bechtel, Daniela Katzenberger and the living music encyclopedia Lucas Cordalis, ex-boy band singer Marc Terenzi, actor Raúl Richter and the bachelorette Anna Hofbauer and Marvin Albrecht will be there.