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SIMPLY THE BEST - 40 Years Tina Turner


SIMPLY THE BEST - 40 Years Tina Turner

Today the name Tina Turner is synonymous with worldwide success, sold-out stadiums and millions of records sold, but the biggest female rock star has to work hard to achieve this success. Basically, she lives through two independent careers in the course of her life: the first at the side of her first husband Ike Turner, which ends in violence and tears after great success. And finally her second (solo) career, which takes almost 1 decade from her humble beginnings to the Olympus of pop music. Tina Turner's breakthrough in the mid-1980s has since become a role model for many people. In an industry fixated on youthfulness, she showed what can be achieved with talent and perseverance. Her phenomenal success, which has seen her sell out stadiums around the world for over 25 years, is a belated but well-deserved recognition of her extraordinary talent.

In addition to detailed statements by Tina from almost all phases of her career, some close companions have their say. In addition to exclusive pictures of Tina's later wedding, videos or concert recordings of almost all the big hits, the documentary also shows some documents that have never been seen on television before.

The 1980's were the most turbulent time for Tina Turner. After 26 years of hard work in show business and a decade after starting her solo career, she achieved her first international No. 1 hit in 1984 with "What's Love Got To Do With It".

This is followed by sold-out world tours that at times break all records: the most successful world tour by a single artist, the biggest concert ever organized for a single artist, and, and, and...

Tina is not only present on all stages: She can also be seen in the cinema in very successful films such as "Tommy" and "Mad Max III - Beyond the Donner Dome". The film adaptation of her biography is a huge success. The book and film bring her closer as a person to the global community of her fans. Because all of her companions and eyewitnesses emphasize that she has hardly developed any star airs despite her gigantic success.