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Modern Talking - The Success Story


Modern Talking - The Success Story

THEY are the most successful German pop duo ever! THEY have sold 120 million records, more than Britney Spears, Depeche Mode or Rod Stewart! THEY had 5 number 1 hits in a row and were on the charts in 30 countries at the same time! Modern Talking! The unique career of Dieter Bohlen and Thomas Anders began 30 years ago. More accidentally than planned, they produced their first number 1 hit and since then they have not only been writing music history: successes, scandals and breakups are just as much a part of the common story of Modern Talking as friendship, ambition and love. One wonders these days whether the extraordinary pop fairy tale is really over? Just three months ago, a 20 million offer for a comeback by the pop duo made the headlines and has been causing rumors ever since. But is there a chance for Modern Talking 3.0?

Unique material from 30 years of Modern Talking

The chronologically told documentary 30 Years Modern Talking - The Whole Truth keeps what the title promises. MAXI MEDIA GmbH managed to get both Dieter Bohlen and Thomas Anders to have their say in an exclusive interview. In addition, memories from prominent colleagues, friends, insiders and colleagues are integrated into the documentation to match the thematic chapters. They comment on our entertaining journey through three decades of Modern Talking.
Because the 80s and 90s are also modern talking, and nostalgic feelings are guaranteed when the viewer sees again how Ingolf Lück moderated the pop duo for the first time in 1985 at Formula One.

And what a sensation was it in 1998 when Thomas Gottschalk announced his comeback on "Wetten dass"? The 1986 concert in France, at which Dieter Bohlen, after a dispute with Thomas Anders and Nora, suddenly appeared as a double, is less well known to German viewers. The documentation rummages through the archive boxes and presents unique material from 30 years of Modern Talking in Germany and around the world. MAXI MEDIA GmbH has succeeded in telling the extraordinary story of the group in such an entertaining way and with such charm that viewing is a must!