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Queen Forever - The Freddie Mercury Story


Queen Forever - The Freddie Mercury Story

75 years ago, probably the most extravagant rock singer in music history was born, who became a legend both as a singer and as a composer during his lifetime: Freddie Mercury.

The song "Bohemian Rhapsody" he composed is now considered the greatest pop song of all time and with "We Are The Champions" he wrote the ultimate winning song for major sporting events.

The documentary event is dedicated to both the artist Freddie Mercury and the private individual. Again and again he made headlines not only with his musical successes, but also with party and drug excesses. He finally passed away from AIDS on November 24, 1991. 2021 marks the 30th anniversary of his death.

The people who knew him best talk about him. His great love Mary Austin gives surprising insights into Freddie Mercury's character: "Parts of his personality didn't fit the world of rock n roll." His sister Kashmira Cooke speaks for the first time on German television in a TV documentary about her brother: "He led another one Living with his friends than with his family.” His private assistant Peter Freestone lived under the same roof with Freddie Mercury for many years: “There were a lot of things that just shouldn’t have happened.” His close German friend Reinhold Mack, who worked as a music producer produced several albums with "Queen" in Munich and whose son was Freddie Mercury's godchild, says: "We were his family away from the family." In an exclusive interview, his bandmate Roger Taylor talks about the wild years with Freddie Mercury: "He led a crazy life at times, very promiscuous”, and his bandmate Brian May about the last years of his life: “He was a very strong person Chances are, I've never heard him say, 'This is horrible, my life sucks, I'm going to die. Never'."

The four-hour documentary describes the private and musical career of perhaps the greatest singer in rock history and the success story of "Queen" and shows some previously unpublished recordings of her more than 700 live performances and excerpts from her 58 music videos.

For Freddie Mercury's 75th birthday, the Cologne production company Maxi Media is producing a four-hour documentary event for the TV station Vox with the support of Universal Music.