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Eberhard Schoener & Friends


Eberhard Schoener & Friends

When Eberhard Schoener returns to his old songs and arias today, it is to create a simultaneity through connection. He combines them with his current understanding of music by basically leaving them as they are but adding something new. This is also the case with his current work "Eberhard Schoener an Friends, crossing times and contents", which will be published on April 21, 2006.

Well-known artists such as Sting, Andrea Bocelli, Gianna Nannini, Kurt Moll, Willy de Ville and Helen Schneider are on hand on the wide-ranging double album.

For example, Wilson drums out cafe samba rhythms on "Only World," the song that featured such an unusual use of Sting's voice. The singing of Suman Chatterjee from India and Nasser Kilada from Egypt is interwoven with the voices of the monks from Nepal. A trio is created in "Blind windows in my eyes" between the great barito Kurt Moll, the countertenor Charles Maxwell and the rapper Bob Lakermann.

A three-dimensionality - the intertwining of time, voices and musical structures - that only Eberhard Schoener can stage in such an impressive interplay.