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Pop Giants - Bella Italia – The ultimate Italo-Songs


Pop giants: Bella Italia - The ultimate Italo songs

Eros Ramazzotti, Gianna Nannini or Giovanni Zarrella – the names of the big Italo pop stars alone sound like music. And we've been partying to classics like "Felicità" or "Azzuro" for decades, because these songs not only spread a good mood, they also immediately trigger summer feeling and wanderlust. "Pop Giganten - Bella Italia" presents the ultimate Italo songs with lots of amore, great emotions and exciting stories about the most popular Italo stars in Germany.

The emotional journey through the Italian musical landscape is commented on by the experts: Massimo Sinató, Steffi Brungs, Nilz Bokelberg, Sarah Mangione, Riccardo Basile, Stefano Zarrella and Bruno Zarrella, Sascha Bohner and Dennis Lucas (known from "Bella Italia - Camping auf Deutsch") , Nicole Fingerhuth and Sascha Fingerhuth (known from "Bella Italia - Camping in German)