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Pop Giants - 50 Years Hip-Hop

Hip-hop is young, Hip-Hop is street, and Hip-Hop is currently the most influential youth culture. Nevertheless, Hip-Hop is actually celebrating its 50th birthday this year.

50 years of Hip-Hop! What began as an underground movement in the South Bronx of New York in August 1973 is now dominating the charts - especially in Germany.

In a 3-hour special, the Pop Giants dedicate themselves to this - also controversial - style of music. This genre has fallen into disrepute, not least because of gangsta rap and its proximity to organized crime. Together with our experts Sabrina Setlur, Eko Fresh, Smudo, Markus Kavka and many other musicians from this genre, we take a look at the history of Hip-Hop.

What defines the music genre? Why are the Fantastischen Vier still not tired even after 30 years on Germany's stages, but pioneers as professional young people with baseball caps and baggy jeans? How was Eminem able to gain a foothold as a white man in a genre of music that was mostly dominated by black people? And what makes Missy Elliott and Nicki Minaj the figureheads of female rap? We get to the bottom of these and many other phenomena.

Come along and join us on a fantastic journey through the golden age of Hip-Hop.