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Pop Giants - Immortal Legends


Pop Giants - Immortal Legends


They guarantee goosebumps: our immortal legends. In the 135-minute music documentary, we dedicate ourselves to the legendary musicians and performers who have had a lasting impact on the music business and who captivate us with their songs.

We accompany the artists Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston, George Michael, Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson, Falco and Kurt Cobain from the beginning of their careers to their deaths and beyond. Because legends live forever. We ask the question whether all artists have something in common, because fame usually has its downsides.

Her mega performances remain unforgotten: when, for example, Freddie Mercury rocked "Live Aid" in 1985, Whitney Houston moved to tears as an actress in the film Bodyguard, or how Michael Jackson set unearthly standards with his dance performance.

We let contemporary witnesses and music experts have their say and interview film producer and director Rudi Dolezal, who worked closely with some of the legends and was even a friend. This gives us a very private insight into the life and work of the legends.

Together with other celebrities such as Oliver Pocher, Mousse T. and Nilz Bokelberg, we also try to find out why some of the artists died at such a young age. Could these legends have been “saved”? What should they have done differently?

Also present are Sharon Battiste and Danny Liedtke from Cologne 50667, ex-Viva presenter Gülcan Kamps, actress Janine Kunze and Ulrike Frank from GZSZ.