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Pop Giants - Elton John


Pop Giants - Elton John


Elton John, one of the greatest pop stars of all time! Only Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson have sold more records as solo artists. 300 million records sold, fifty top 40 hits and seven consecutive #1 albums in the US. Winner of awards from Grammys and Tonys to an Oscar for The Lion King.

He's also one of the brightest pop stars out there. His life offers great drama: incredible flights of fancy and brutal crashes. Elton John is one of the most famous people in the world today. In the more than 50 years of his show career he has experienced more than any other pop star: more triumphs, more defeats, more fun, more songs.

We chart his transformation from shy singer/songwriter to glamorous pop star and look at his most amazing outfits - from a performance in a Donald Duck costume, to a movie appearance in four-foot platform shoes, to a birthday disguise so flashy that it gave him a... ride on a truck.

Elton John's private life is also exciting, because not everyone knows that he was once married to a German woman. The marriage doesn't last. But he is granted a happy ending - he finds his personal happiness in love with David Furnish, which is crowned with two children - through a surrogate mother. Godmother is none other than Lady Gaga.

The viewer also gets to know the vulnerable side of Elton John, because he experiences tragic losses: his two closest friends Gianni Versace and Princess Diana tragically die within a very short time.