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Pop Giants - Rock


Pop Giants - Rock


Over the decades, rock has not been killed and still plays a huge role in music today with events such as Rock am Ring or the Wacken Festival.

At the beginning - at the end of the 60s, beginning of the 70s - rock is above all a rebellion against the established prudish parents.

But what else characterizes this genre of music besides sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll? What defines the myth of rock?

Prominent rock experts such as metal queen Doro Pesch, rock singer Martin Kesici and also "Die Happy" frontwoman Marta Jandova are investigating this question. They are supported by Liza Waschke and Tim Rasch from "Berlin Day and Night", music nerd Nilz Bokelberg, sunny boy Christopher Kohn from "Everything that counts", ex-MTV presenter Patrice Bouédibéla and comedienne Jacqueline Feldmann.

Of course, we also present the classics that have made rock immortal to this day.

The pop giants rock also shows how diverse this genre of music can be. Because if there's one thing rock isn't, it's monotonous. Rock exudes power and can still be soft.

And of course there are also strong women in rock! The mother of rock, Patti Smith, is still one of the most successful rock singers today! Even in the 70s, when others still celebrated the "good life", Patti led a real rock star life. With sex and drugs and rock 'n' roll.