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Absolutely Pietro Lombardi


Absolutely Pietro Lombardi

Pietro Lombardi still can't believe it himself: He's been on the DSDS jury for the second year in a row, has landed 5 songs in the top 4 of the German charts in the past few years - twice even number 1 - and often admits three concerts a day. Everyone in Germany, Austria and Switzerland now knows who Pietro Lombardi is.

The camera is present at one of his performances in front of a large audience. The special feature: Pietro is not only accompanied backstage, but even on stage by the camera team - you rarely get that close to the singer.

"Absolut Pietro" shows Pietro's "everyday life" between DSDS, music career, fan meetings and being a father and what the singer and juror did, especially in 2019.

In addition, the Cologne native tells funny anecdotes from his current life in a very personal conversation, but also talks about serious topics related to job, love and family.

"Absolut Pietro" also shows how he got to where he is now and once again reviews Pietro's heroic journey at DSDS 2011 and gives deep insights into his earlier life, love and work.

In order to find out who Pietro is when he is not on stage or in front of the camera, his closest confidants, such as his best friends Antar Abubakar and Stefano Zarrella, are also questioned. Stefano chats inside the box and tells, among other things, how Pietro ticks both professionally and privately.

Bruno and Clementina Zarrella, Stefano and Giovanni Zarrella's parents, also have their say. For her, Pietro is like a third son who regularly comes by to eat and watch TV.

Pietro's friend Giovanni and his wife Jana Ina Zarrella also report how they experience Pietro. Giovanni is one of Pietro's closest confidants and is like a big brother to him.