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Pop Giants - Holiday Hits


Pop Giants - Holiday Hits


Vacation is summer, sun, party and fun! Everything but everyday life and usually the best time of the year. This includes the right song, which likes to take the mood from the beach back into the gray everyday life.

This time the pop giants will therefore be taking a short 90-minute vacation - with lots of sun, hot rhythms and cool songs. It will be a trip according to the motto "Around the world in 90 minutes - the perfect holiday in 33 songs!"

The first notes put you in a good mood. Our pop giants give you wanderlust and are the best preparation for planning this year's holidays. Because we have put together a trip around the world from the most popular holiday hits, which has the best in store for every destination and every mood.

In addition, in the 90-minute music documentary, we look into the question of which is probably the most popular holiday destination for Germans. And there will be some surprises with our celebrities.

This time Danny and Maddy from Cologne 50667, the current Bachelor Andrej Mangold, Anastasia Zampounidis, Comedienne Tahnee, Nilz Bokelberg, Chethrin Schulze, Gülcan Kamps and Giovanni Zarrella are there. Not only do they all have different favorite travel destinations, they also come from different countries.

The result is the ultimate, top secret family recipe for spaghetti carbonara from the Zarrella family, as well as where the bachelor prefers to travel.