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Pop Giants - Magic Moments


Pop Giants - Magic Moments


A few seconds of a very specific song - and then images and memories start to form in your head. And literally you have goosebumps all over your body. A few bars of a music track are enough for this. Who hasn't experienced this at least once?

There are simply songs that are inextricably linked to events – beautiful ones, tragic ones and those that changed the world. Who does not immediately remember the images of the fall of the Berlin Wall when only the first notes of the characteristic whistle of "Winds of Change" sound?

Who doesn't immediately picture the friendly and slightly overweight Englishman Paul Potts as his incredible voice belts out "Nessun Dorma" in front of a perplexed jury at a casting competition?

Who doesn't remember Lena's incredible triumph at ESC when her super hit "Satellite" is on the radio?

Who doesn't have the great Freddie Mercury in mind when he and the opera diva Montserrat Caballé sing their immortal "Barcelona"?

We show other unforgettable moments such as Elton John with "Candle in the wind" at Princess Diana's funeral, Sarah Brightman & Andrea Bocelli: "Time To Say Goodbye" at Henry Maske's ring farewell or how Pharrell Williams "Happy" the whole thing world dances.

We have compiled the goosebump moments of the past decades for a documentary and remember beautiful, funny, thoughtful and also tragic moments from the past that are connected to a song.

Celebrities and contemporary witnesses tell us how they experienced these events. Why certain music titles will always be associated with it. And why the goosebumps feeling of this music never stops. Also present were citizens Lars Dietrich, Katja Burkard, Daniela Katzenberger & Lucas Cordalis, Guildo Horn, Thomas Stein and Nilz Bokelberg.