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Pop Giants - Teen Idols


Pop Giants - Teen Idols


YOU did it! They are at the top of the charts even though they are very young. Adored by fans who are mostly just as young as themselves.

Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Billie Eilish are just five of our show's superstars. They have achieved what every young star dreams of: first they delighted the teenagers, and then they established themselves as superstars.

From teen idol to superstar, why do some make it, why do others fall along the way?

We've all seen the horrific images of Britney Spears just going bald.

Or Justin Bieber, who is led before the judge in an orange prison suit.

What role does the parental home play? Is there a silver bullet that doesn't make you go crazy when you're successful at a young age?

These are the questions that our German VIPs also ask themselves. Some of them have already made the journey to becoming a teen idol themselves, e.g. Jasmin Wagner aka Blümchen, Gil Ofarim or Oli P.

Mike Singer, juror at DSDS, was number 1 with his 3 albums and is still in the middle of the change. He's on the move from teen idol to adult artist and will share how he's doing.

The latest to make it from teen star to superstar is Billie Eilish. Born after the turn of the millennium, she is regarded as an absolutely exceptional artist. With her own Bond song and her brother as the musical co-genius behind her songs.

And we also talk about Harry Styles, Tylor Swift, Shawn Mendes, Christina Aguilera, Nick Carter Beyoncé Knowles and Robbie Williams. Is their path different and if so, why?

The interview guests Mandy Capristo (ex-Monrose singer), Nilz Bokelberg, Marie Wegener (DSDS winner), Anastasia Zampounidis and Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht also explore the “Teen Idol” phenomenon musically and personally. The mother-daughter team Janine Kunze with daughter Lili can once again give a very unique perspective on the situation in which a teenage superstar is stuck. Producer Alex Christensen, who has also worked with Justin Timberlake, rounds out the experts.