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Pop Giants - One Hit Wonder


Pop Giants - One Hit Wonder


What exactly is a one hit wonder? When you hear it for the first time, don't you immediately think: "Great! There's bound to be much, much more to come!” And are you surprised that it's actually just a one-hit wonder? The two-hour documentary "Pop Giganten - One-Hit Wonder" is dedicated to the big hits that alone help their artists to become famous so that almost everyone can sing along.

We tell the stories behind the big hits and take a look at the artists who are responsible for the big hits: Lou Bega wasn't so lucky right away. His song was only in the drawer for two years before it was finally discovered. But then “Mambo No. 5" to a worldwide hit. Lou Bega has sold more than 53 million records to date and has been showered with awards from all over the world. We also talk to frontman Peter Freudenthaler from the band Fools Garden, who thanks to the song "Lemon Tree" are still able to tour as far as China. Even though it only took 20 minutes to write the song.

We take a look at why, following this success, the artists are no longer in the top 10, but are at best in the top 100. Who benefits from their one-hit wonder? And: Is a single hit in life worth it? After all, what is a one-hit wonder – a blessing or a curse..?

Remakes are also an issue with the one-hit wonders. For example, the original Charles & Eddie song “Would I lie to you” was recently re-released by star DJ David Guetta. On the other hand, the one-hit wonder artists can also benefit from older numbers. For example, Soft Cell uses a song from the 60s and then becomes world famous with "Tainted Love".

And what are the artists doing today? Are they resting on their laurels? Or do they cleverly develop other strategies around their former hits? In the show "Pop Giganten - One-Hit Wonder" songs from the last 30 years such as "Funky Town" by Lipps.Inc., "Self Control" by Laura Branigan and Raff, "Fade to Gray" by Visage, " Words" by FR David, opus "Life is Live", "Whats up" by the 4 Non Blondes and many others. presented.

In addition to artists such as Lou Bega, Peter Freudenthaler (Fools Garden) and Buddy (Ab in den Suede), interview partners such as Anja Lukaseder, Nilz Bokelberg, Anastasia Zampounidis, Alex Gernandt, Giovanni Zarrella, Rolf Scheider and Katja Burkard have their say.