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Absolutely Mike Singer


Absolutely Mike Singer

Mike Singer is the youngest DSDS judge ever. He still can't believe it himself: Now he's sitting next to pop titan Dieter Bohlen and hit multi-talent Maite Kelly.

Mike's first three albums stormed the top of the German charts and countless fans celebrated his MTV European Music Award 2018. He was also allowed to go to Hollywood when he picked up his Kids' Choice Award 2018 alongside stars like Mariah Carey, Heidi Klum and boxing legend Mike Tyson.

"Absolut Mike Singer" shows the private side of the singer. Who are his allies, who gets to hear his new songs first, and what does he do to unwind and chill.

For the first time we can visit the Offenburger exclusively at home in his own apartment. Are allowed to be in the home studio and get to know his parents Paul and Irina.

Mike's little brother Davin is also there for the first time. The 14-year-old shows us Mike's old children's room, because that's his now. The brothers are a heart and soul, and Davin has also been allowed to tour with them. If anyone comes from a loving and down to earth background, it's Mike.

Since his breakthrough with the album "Karma" in 2016, Mike's fan base has been growing steadily. Celebrated performances in front of thousands of mostly female fans sometimes get a little out of hand. How does he and his family deal with the attention? In this context, Mike also talks about the darker side of his notoriety. Online stalking and threats are the reason Mike shut down his Instagram account in early 2020. The same thing happened in 2017. Even the police were concerned about death threats. A horror show for everyone. Mike also processes such experiences in his songs.

With "Paranoid" his fourth album will be released in November 2020. The pressure to be successful over and over again increases every time. How does the young musician deal with it?

We show where Mike's beginnings lie, how he keeps motivating himself and how he also incorporates very private topics into his music.

The place at the jury desk at DSDS is an absolute dream for the "Deja-vu" singer. He himself also started in a casting show, that was in 2013 with "The Voice Kids". And so it is easy for Mike not only to evaluate, but also to put himself in the role of the participants. His empathy is also positive for jury colleague Maite Kelly - and she is full of praise for the young artist. Mike reports exclusively from the set in Mykonos and gives us an insight into his work as a judge.

In addition to Maite Kelly and Mike's family, the music journalist Alex Gernandt also has his say, who classifies the Mike Singer phenomenon.