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Absolut Sarah Lombardi

Since the DSDS Show 2011 everbody in Germany knows Sarah Lombardi. She came second afer her ex- husband Pietro Lombardi.

In „Absolut Sarah“ she is talking about her extraoridnary life.

2016 she is part of the RTL-Tanzshow „Let´s dance“. Initially critized by dreaded Juror Joachim Llambi, she later convinced him and  Jurorin Motsi Mabuse with her performance and dedication. Jurorin Motsi even shed some tears at Sarahs Freeestyle-Performance . The audience honors Sarahs hard work with standing ovations inside the studio and in the outside world with voting for her.

In August 2019 she got one of the most sought after jobs in the world of television: Sarah together with Dieter Bohlen and Bruce Darnell is part of DSDS jury.

Family, friends and companions of Sarah Lombardi all have a say in the documentary.