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BRAVO Hits 100 - The Countdown


BRAVO Hits 100 - The Countdown

BRAVO HITS is the most successful pop compilation series in Germany and has been at number 1 in the German sales charts for almost 25 years. For several generations of music fans, BRAVO HITS has always been the first source and treasure trove for all things pop.

And despite streaming services and MP3: BRAVO HITS is still alive and kicking today. The anniversary edition, volume 100, will be released in February 2018, and RTL is celebrating the round number with a major music special:

BRAVO Hits 100 - The Countdown

The greatest hits and great songs are presented on a fast-paced and entertaining ride through the past 25 years. From the first techno chart success "Das Boot" with Alex Christensen to the current DJ star Felix Jaehn with "Ain't Nobody". From the beginnings of German hip-hop with the Fantastischen Vier to the brand new hip-hop newcomer Bausa. From the Backstreet Boys to Tokio Hotel, Britney Spears to Lady Gaga - BRAVO Hits 100 - The countdown ignites a firework of songs and music videos that takes the audience on a journey through time to the nineties and zeros, but also the hottest acts of the the present is not neglected.

The BRAVO editorial team also organized a voting with the labels involved, in which the fans could choose the most popular titles from 100 issues of BRAVO HITS. The final result of the ranking will provide additional tension in the course of the show. Who will do the race? A classic or a very current song? One can be curious.

Exclusively at BRAVO Hits 100- The Countdown:

Techno legend and music producer Alex Christensen, the pioneer of female hip-hop in Germany, Sabrina Setlur, pop star and actor Oli P., DJ and music producer Felix Jaehn, the electropop duo Glasperlenspiel, Joey Kelly from the recently successfully reunited Kelly Family, and the former BRAVO editor-in-chief and co-supervisor of BRAVO-HITS Alex Gernandt and ex-VIVA and BRAVO TV presenter Enie van de Meiklokjes. Special guests are the YouTube stars and pop musicians Roman and Heiko Lochmann aka Die Lochis.