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Ich find Schlager toll - The first season


Ich find Schlager toll - The first season

Beatrice Egli and Eloy de Jong lead through the hit ranking show as moderator duo.

The 90-minute programs are each dedicated to a specific topic related to the genre:

The most popular pop songs, the most popular pop singers, the most popular pop singers or the most popular party hits.

The 25 most popular titles are presented in a countdown. The ranking is based on a representative survey by Media Control. The rankings are commented on by hit artists and genre experts such as Jürgen Drews, Uwe Hübner, Bernhard Brink, Marie Wegener, Anna-Maria Zimmermann and Ireen Sheer.

In addition to the ranking, the show also undertakes a musical journey through time and sheds light on what has become of the pop stars of yesteryear.