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Natasha Thomas


Natasha Thomas

Lacoste Face 2004

The young Dane was not only successful as a singer with hits like "It's over now" (2004), but also made a name for herself worldwide as the face of Lacoste in 2004.

The song accompanying the commercial, "Save Your Kisses", was released on the new album of the same name

Natasha Thomas from Copenhagen remembers her first performance well: "I was twelve then," she says, "and I sang 'Killing Me Softly'. I was very nervous because there were a few people in my class in the audience who kept making my life hell at school. And I just thought: 'I won't let it get me down, today I'll show you'." Four years later Natasha actually showed it to everyone: In 2003 she released her debut single "Why (Does Your Love Hurt So Much)" (im Originally by Carly Simon) and filmed her first music video. The single was produced by Alex Christensen, one of the most successful European music producers, who has already worked as a producer/composer for Right Said Fred, Tom Jones, ATC, Bro'Sis and *N Sync and made remixes for superstars like Herbert Grönemeyer, Bloodhound Gang or Aretha Franklin. "Ever since I was a kid, I knew I wanted to be a singer," she says, and she spent every free minute trying to make her dream come true. Her professional attitude, her diligence and her iron discipline didn't always make it easy for the young Dane: "I even had to change schools once because a few people were after me. They wanted to piss me off.” But Natasha wasn't discouraged: she went to a new school and concentrated intensely on her favorite subjects, music and theatre. Natasha took dance and singing lessons and started writing her own lyrics and songs. “Writing is like therapy for me. It helps me process the experiences I'm having in life.” Sixteen-year-old Natasha first came to Germany in early 2003 to record her debut single “Why (Does Your Love Hurt So Much)”. "I like Germany a lot. All people are so friendly and Alex Christensen was very nice and helpful. And he got me lunch from McDonald's – that was it.”