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It all started in the summer of 2001 - three young, talented guys from New York City came to Germany to get started - with success, as it turned out later! Timothy Cruz (then 22), Rod Michael Koch (then 20) and John Sutherland (then 18) met at a party and realized that they weren't just on the same wavelength musically. B3 were born! With a successful team, the first two singles "You Win Again" and "Nightfever" quickly became long-running hits in the German charts, and B3 lived the life of real superstars from then on! It wasn't just the usual promotional appearances on VIVA, BRAVO TV or MTV, B3 wanted more and persistently pursued their goal.

In 2002 her third single "I.O.I.O." became the summer hit of the year and stayed in the top 5 of the single charts for over 12 weeks! With over 200,000 copies sold, the single eventually went gold. After Rod Michael left the group at the end of September 2002 to pursue his own projects, his successor, the Texan Blair Late (then 20), was found in a megacasting in New York with more than 800 applicants, and the group brought "Tonight & Forever" the first single of the 2nd album "N.Y.B3" on the market. This title also easily placed in the top 10 of the sales charts, and in the autumn of the same year B3 then started a club tour, during which they stopped at more than 10 stations. After two more hit singles - "You're My Angel" and "We Got the Power" - were released, B3 toured big halls for the first time and filled them completely as part of their first big tour "N.Y.B3". The demand was so great that additional concerts were given in the summer of 2003 and B3 could not be missing at any radio festival.

In the fall of 2003, B3 presented their softer side again in the SAT.1 show “Die Hit Giganten” when they re-recorded and reinterpreted “I Swear”, originally by All 4 One. The song appeared as a bonus track on the new edition of the second album "N.Y.B3", which was released on the music market again in Christmas 2003 with many extras.

It was also in the winter of 2003 that the world-famous figure skater Katarina Witt became aware of B3. “Kati's apartment is above our producers' studio in Berlin and suddenly she was standing in the
door and invited us to accompany their tour,” says Tim. B3 did their "Enjoy the Stars" tour with Kati Witt, during which they and other well-known figure skaters danced to the songs of Germany's most popular boy band.

In late 2004, the three boys finally decided to disband the group so they could tinker with their solo careers.