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Giants Club - Best of Hit Giants


Giants Club - Best of Hit Giants

GIANTS CLUB present their album "The Best of the Hit Giants", a brilliantly produced, varied album in a class of its own. In addition to the new interpretations of international chart successes already known from the TV show "Hit-Giganten", she also presents five hit medleys. Whether summer mood, cuddly mood or party feeling - thanks to the greatest hits of all time there is something for every taste! With this album every party will be a success!


Annabell Kay
Annabell grew up in a not very musical family of doctors - but her talent did not remain hidden for long and so her first solo performances began at the age of 7. As a “graduation gift”, Annabell was given the opportunity by her parents to record demo material and have professional photos taken. This was followed by offers from producers and model agencies.
Still, she wanted to learn something "decent"; her law studies brought her to Frankfurt. A whole new world of music opened up there and Annabell quickly realized that her future would not lie behind dusty books. Backing chorus performances for Michael Jackson and Sabrina Setlur were to be just the beginning. In 1996 she met the singer Joe Whitney, with whom she founded the band StreetLIVE. Together they grew into an unbeatable team and toured all over Europe. A short time later Mike Williams joined them and later Vanessa - now the dream team was perfect! In 1998 Annabell and Joe founded their own artist agency "All Entertainment GmbH". This year Annabell also got a guest role in the TV series "Tanja", for which she also sang the title song.

In 2001 her self-written song "Let it shine" was used for radio and television advertising and became a radio catchy tune throughout Germany.

Annabell Kay combines a rare mixture of beauty, dynamics, performance, charisma and a strong voice. She is the organizational talent and keeps the group together.

Joe Whitney
Joe grew up in a family of musicians in Seattle/America as a latecomer of 4 children and performed with his siblings all over America at a young age. He came to Germany to play basketball in the 1st Bundesliga. As he made a name for himself nationwide as a successful basketball player, more and more people became aware of his singing talent. It didn't take long for him to gain a foothold in the music scene. With Annabell he built up the band StreetLIVE, which soon became a magnet for the best musicians and the trendiest shows in Germany. In 1998 he founded the artist agency "All Entertainment GmbH" with Annabell, which is also responsible for the booking for "Giants Club". In 1998 Joe sang and hosted the well-known "Heidelberg Sessions" and met Chaka Khan, Howie from the Backstreet Boys and Xavier Naidoo, who invited him to sing on the first album by Söhne Mannheims.

This man is pure energy! His stage show is unique and full of surprises!

Vanessa Ekpenyong

Born in Germany, Vanessa grew up in the Nigerian capital as one of three children of a Nigerian father and a German mother and moved to Germany as a teenager. Even when she was at school, Vanessa was a regular member of the school choir and took part in musical performances; she developed an amazing stage presence and won the hearts of the first fans. Nonetheless, after graduating from school, she first decided on sound vocational training and completed an apprenticeship as a wholesale and foreign trade clerk at NOKIA. In addition, she devoted herself entirely to music, and this attracted the attention of the record company Edel Records in 2000. This was followed by the first recordings for a German concept album and for the soundtrack of the movie "The Little Polar Bear".

And the music? She is influenced by her role models Anita Baker, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder and Chaka Khan.

Vanessa is what you call a "born musician". Singing and performing on stage are in her blood. She is an exception in both areas and combines her talents with an enchanting charm that simply inspires.

Mike Williams

Born in Mobile Alabama/America, he grew up with 4 siblings in a family of teachers. He was 12 when he noticed a trumpeter on the gong show. This performance inspired Mike so much that he started learning the trumpet; Who would have thought back then that Mike himself would win the Gong Show in Germany in 2003. He studied at the University of Southern Mississippi and became a music teacher. From his first salary he bought a flugelhorn. In a spare hour he taught himself to play both his trumpets at the same time. When he joined the Army in New York, his path led him to Germany, where he toured throughout Europe with the Military Music Choir. There Frank Farian noticed him and signed him with the group "The Touch". Mike Williams is the funky reincarnation of Louis Armstrong.

He tours the world and has been "rocking" Germany for many years. With his "Sachmo voice", his flugelhorn, his trumpet and all his energy, he pulls every audience from their chairs.