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Artists who swayed the world- Al Bano und Romina Power

They are THE most successful Italian pop duet of all times: Al Bano and Romina Power. They have fans all around the world. Specially in Germany and in Italy , people are still idolizing both stars, which fascinated every generation with songs like “Felicita” and “Sempre Sempre” or “Sharazan”. Since the mid 70’s, they have been performing together, singing their songs and convincing their audiences through emotions and authenticity. Back then it seemed like the former married couple’s success and luck with their four children were endless.

But then in 1994 their family idyll was suddenly broken: their oldest daughter, Ylenia, was declared missing on a US-trip without a trace and never came back home. Despite many allegeable hints and rumors, Ylenia remains missing till this very day. An uncleared case, which not only ruined the marriage of Al Bano and Romina Power in 1995, but also the exceptional career of the couple ripped the whole family apart in the end.

Romina Power and Al Bano have been separated for 18 years now and not only on the stage. They ham each other with a rose war and only have contact to another because of the children. But then, in 2013, the magnificent comeback. The once so successful couple stands together again on stage and it seems like nothing happened between 1995 and 2013! By the end of this year their mutual performance story should come to an end – Al Bano wants to break off his career because of health problems…

For our VOX Documentary we will meet Romina Power and Al Bano in his house in South Italy and get some secrets out of them, which no one know about till today.  Both stars will speak freely  about their mutual relationship, on how hard the missing of their daughter was for them till today and that they never found again.

In this documentary, we will witness how two individuals, after a great love for another, which finally seemed to end after unbelievable suffering and hurt, have managed to come together and to trust each other again.