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Artists who swayed the world - Anastacia

She sold till today over 52 millions records and her debut album “Not That Kind” incredibly sustained 84 weeks in the charts in 2000 and this only in Germany. Anastacia started her career in the beginning of the twentieth century and since then it has been impossible to top it. The fans are fascinated by her. Not only her unmistakable strong soul voice but also her unforgettable blow of fate search their matches – and affect people till this very day. But few people know that this exceptional artist had to go through much more in her lifetime.

We’ll meet the world star in the famous Abbey Road Studios in London where the American singer is currently recording a song. And yet grant us Anastacia an extremely rare insight in her working methods. In a long and very straightforward exclusive interview, the 50 year old reveals which unbelievable obstacles she had to face so far in her life. Professionally and personally. Anastacia namely grew up with an autistic brother and a bipolar disordered father – her parents were living separated. And as she tried to earn her own money with singing, she has been mocked and rejected.

Anastacia’s older sister, Shawn, and personal assistant who is always beside her, her mother Diane and her Manager will all have their says at full length. They report from Anastacia’s fighting spirit, her perfectionism and also how the singer managed to defeat two breast cancers.

Anastacia herself describes her life as a row of happy accidents. Indeed the hazard mostly wrote her life story. During her career as well as during her worse moments. The singer also surprises the audience with deep and honest information about her private life. At the same time, her super hits like “I’m Outta Love” and “Sick And Tired” are inspired from old memories which are being brought back to life.